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Love all. Do wrong to no one.

Hi! I'm Gabriella!
Just a few things:
-Morning time is my favourite time.
-I like to spend my days laughing, running and drinking chai tea.
-Cats are my children.
-I think that hardships are blessings. The universe is not picking on you; it is rather showing you how tough you can be.

...these pictures should explain the rest

Just remember:
You are beautiful.
You are here for a reason.
And you are so worth it.

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Anonymous Asked:
do you have a boy in your life? You seem to lovely not to!

My answer:

You are so so sweet. No I don’t unfortunately. I have beautiful people around me and I am very very busy so at the moment, so a boy is not really plausible. I was also lucky enough to find the love of my life when I was a lot younger but life got in the way of us so I’m just taking time to be OK with that. Probably too much information for you haha! Thank you so much for your question darling. Take care xx

Binding lovin’